FADZ vision

Additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Industrie 4.0 … these are just some of the keywords facing our economy and society in the digital age. But it is not just large industrial companies that have to navigate these challenges - they also affect our local businesses too: skilled craft businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises.
This is where the future legal entity of the Forschungs- & Anwendungszentrum für digitale Zukunftstechnologien [short form: FADZ / Lichtenfels Center of Next Generation Digital Technologies] is seeking to bridge the gap between the challenges of digitalisation and the local economy in the Obermain region.

Vision: FADZ [Lichtenfels Center of Next Generation Digital Technologies] aims to partner with local businesses, companies and institutions by becoming the regional drop-in center providing expert support for the challenges of digitalisation.

Possible range of services: As a drop-in center for next generation digital technologies, the future legal entity of FADZ [Lichtenfels Center of Next Generation Digital Technologies] initially plans to focus on additive manufacturing processes and their process chains. The potential range of services of the future legal entity of FADZ [Lichtenfels Center of Next Generation Digital Technologies] will be aimed at companies, private individuals and educational institutions:

  • Applied research for regional companies

    Feasibility studies and 

    Publicly funded
    research projects

    research & 
    development projects

  • Application support and knowledge transfer

    Education, advice and support for issues in relation to applying technology

    Materials advice, simulation, topology, metallurgy

    Manufacturing of prototypes; quality assurance

  • New Master’s course in Additive Manufacturing and Lightweight Construction

    Objective in five years:                   
    approx. 120 students on the course

    Student projects at and with regional partners

    Continuous development of young talent; long-term, highly effective recruitment


    Creativity workshop for schools and educational institutions

    Development of
    educational teaching content in 
    conjunction with schools

    Use by private individuals

  • Training & further education; lifelong learning

    Specific (further) qualification measures for
    skilled workers

    Courses for vocational and technical colleges

    Student placements, project work and theses for courses currently offered at Coburg University  

Future educational institution ­–
historical mill "Kirschbaummühle“

The future legal entity of FADZ [Lichtenfels Center of Next Generation Digital Technologies] will be based at the “Kirschbaummühle” (historical mill building). This building has already been acquired by the town of Lichtenfels with a resolution of the council.
Spanning around 2,300 square metres at a central location in Lichtenfels, the "Kirschbaummühle" is the ideal place to turn the vision of FADZ [Lichtenfels Center of Next Generation Digital Technologies] into a reality.

One of the clear benefits for us in this project is our close cooperation with the urban development promotion programme for the renovation work. Design proposals for the building have been put together by the students of Coburg University as part of the Building Redevelopment design seminar. These will serve as an inspiration for the upcoming reconstruction and renovation work.