FADZ Sponsoring Society

The aim of the Sponsoring Society is to promote science, research and education. With this in mind, it supports the establishment, development and operations of the Forschungs- & Anwendungszentrum für digitale Zukunftstechnologien [short form: FADZ / Lichtenfels Center of Next Generation Digital Technologies] in Lichtenfels as a joint research and transfer center for regional companies and Coburg University.

By bringing together universities, further education establishments, regional companies, facilities of national and public institutions, associations and other sponsors from politics, business and society, we aim to create a new momentum for the future development of business, science and research and help shape digital change in the regional economy.

‘The general aim of FADZ [Lichtenfels Center of Next Generation Digital Technologies] is to put in place digital strategies through training, further education and knowledge transfer across all sectors. To do this, we need to get people involved through training and further education. Our companies and workforce will have to make fundamental changes to adapt to the digital revolution.’

Frank Carsten Herzog, Chairman

News and publications

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  • Lichtenfels: Bund fördert Projekt für digitale Zukunftstechnologie mit 11 Mio. Euro

    Erst ein paar Monate ist es her, dass die Parlamentarische Staatssekretärin Anette Kramme und der Bundestagsabgeordnete…

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  • Fostering creativity, developing imagination, and creating something new

    3D printers in schools make both teachers and pupils want to experiment with the technology of the future. These are the first…

    Source: FADZ, 29 June 2020

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  • Support via the network

    The Lichtenfels Center of Next Generation Digital Technologies (Forschungs- & Anwendungszentrum für digitale Zukunftstechnologien,…

    Source: Fränkischer Tag, 08 May 2020

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